I wasn't sure at first going to an event as a single person as I've just moved here but thanks Sarah you and your guys made me feel comfortable and we all had a good laugh. Roll on the next one :-) Lou xx 

Was only small and not many people came out but for a first family get together with the kids it was good took the planning away from me. I'm thinking of asking for your help for Jays birthday party. Thanks Sarah

I came to an event you put on when you first started and we got chatting and spoke of different things I wouldn't mind doing. WOW I didn't think you were true to your word when you said you really listen to us. Thanks Mrs K

Not a lot to say but your lot work hard at making us feel special at your events. Cheers

What we do

A variety of events from arts and craft fairs, holistic shows right the way through to building up to big events for stallholders at festivals for the whole family to attend.   
We plan events too so don't be shy about asking for our help for that 21st birthday, anniversary or with any big event that is looming. We can help you!

Get involved

If you have any questions, want to know about events or well anything then  Simply fill out the form here  and we will get back in touch with you.

Who we are  PACIS


We are Scruff n' Ken

People often ask us 'Why the name Scruff n' Ken?'  To us it is just a personal meaning heralding back to our parents so when you come and meet us at an event you can ask us the back story and we will happily give it to you.

The reason we started the company was for us to carry on enjoying what our parents did and that was going out and enjoying each and every day.

We made the most of our weekends as children and we would climb in the back of the car, bit of a squeeze as I recall, and then off we would go to visit this or that and then stop for a picnic on the way home or go back for lunch.

We would sit and wait outside a pub as Dad would go inside and get the lemonade, coke or squash, as back then children couldn't go in pubs, and we would all sit there knowing he would come back with crisps as well.

This is it, this is our reason for beginning we want you all to come out to something that is free to come to. All jump in the car or on the bus and come and see what people are doing, selling and then grab an ice cream or coke on the way home.

Live life, enjoy each and every moment as before we know it time has flown by.

We can't wait to meet you all soon until then, smile and have a great day.
Everyone at Scruff n' Ken x

Drop us your details and we will contact you.  Book Now


Hello and thank you for coming to Scruff n' Ken.
I hope that our write up on our parents has given you a little bit of an understanding behind the name.
I decided to get into putting on events becasuse I worked for a long time at festivals, markets, and fetes and when it is something you know and love doing it is so easy to have a passion for them.
As a family we are extremely close and so to get them behind me 100% was guaranteed so don't be surprised if when you are at an event you get served your cup of tea by my brother, sister or their spouses!
We are currently organising events in aid of the British Heart Foundation, British Heart Foundation is a Registered Charity Number 225971 (England & Wales) and SCO39426 (Scotland)  This is a very personal charity to us as well as other charities and we are proud to now say that they are going to be assisting us with our fund raising efforts. Please support us and let's all make a difference together.
We can't wait to meet and talk with you all so please drop us a message or book on to an event.
We look forward to seeing you all soon
Scruff n' Ken


Come and Join Us

We are going to ensure that if you are attending an event or selling at one either way you will have a great experience with us. We will be with you every step of the way to ensure that it all runs smoothly. So until that day arrives if there are any questions just drop us a line or give us a call.

Email us  info@scruffnken.co.uk
Call us  01392 241412 or 07518 513328

Types of Events

Arts and Craft Sales and Fairs

A great selection of hand crafted produce by local artists.  All the artists will be some of the best from the surrounding area.
Beautiful hand stitched baby clothes, the skill that is woodturning all these and many more will be on show,


Charity Sales and Events

We support The British Heart Foundation as our main charity and are proud do to a lot of fund raising both professionally and personally to help raise funds.
We hope that you will join us at one of our events to help us do our little bit.


Retro and Vintage Markets

Who doesn't love something a little bit old and sentimental, let's all be honest here we all have something we can't part with and these fairs bring the beauty of those golden times to life.
So come and see for yourself if those really were 'The Good Old Days'


Our events and How we can help you

We have helped to organise lots of events and activities in the past both on a personal and professional level and that is why we would like to help you.
If you are organising an event for yourself or as a surprise for someone else please get in touch we would love to help you.



What if I change my mind once I've bought my ticket?
Please read our full details on our Cancellations and Refunds section at the bottom of every page.

How big are your events?
The events are as big as we can possible make them to attract the biggest opportunity for the sellers to have a great day and the buyers to come along and be amazed by the fantastic stalls and attractions there are to see.

For our big events, where we really pull out all the stops, then the sky really is the limit. If you don't believe us then whynot come along and see for yourself.

How do I receive the details of the events?
We will collect your name, email and phone number and keep you up-dated with the details by email with regards to the time for your arrival and departure at an event. If you have any questions in the meantime please contact us info@scruffnken.co.uk


Will you contact me regarding future events?
We will, with your permission, email you with events which we think will be suitable for you. If you would prefer not to receive this please let us know.

What if I opt in then change my mind?
If you change your mind and decide not to be informed of any future up-coming events just drop us an email and ask to be removed from our mailing list. 

How do I contact you over the weekend?
One of our representatives will be at all of our events so you will always have a point of contact. Please feel free to ask them any questions.

We look forward to seeing you all soon a a Scruff n' Ken event.

For Full Terms and Conditions Please Read Below

Scruff n' Ken
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