Who are Scruff n' Ken?    

Find out how we chose the name and a little bit about who Scruff and Ken are and what they mean to us.

How we chose the name


The Year - 1955

The Place - London

The Story - Our Parents

Two people are sitting working at their desks, they often glance up and look out the window. The man can see the most beautiful woman across the road sitting at her desk, she will often see him looking at her and shyly smile his way.
He will wait after work but cannot see her in the throng of people leaving.
This continues for a few weeks, eventually he decides to go across to the office block and goes up to the floor directly opposite his and approaches the woman sitting at her desk. He asks her out for a drink after work, she accepts.
Six months later they are married.
The year is 1955, they are our parents and Scruff n' Ken begin their journey. 

This is why we wanted to start and carry on what they gave to us, which is fun, laughter and great days out. We know coming from a household of 4 children that not every day out meant extravagant trips to adventure parks or the cinema but we went to places that gave us memories a 'Family Day Out' to' look but not touch' and we always had money for a cold drink or ice cream on the way home. So that is why we have made our events Free Admission, why charge when there is no need for it. 


Almost forgot!

Nearly forgot to mention! Ken, our Dad, he had his pet name for Mum which was 'Scruff' because she was so immaculate, so beautiful and they always are and always will be Our Parents, Mum and Dad or as they've now become to you all Scruff n' Ken.  Read More

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